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Special Upcoming Events
  • Health Venture Fair at IHF Congress (Chicago) - Oct 8, 2015

Past Notable Events
  • Israel Mobile Health (New York) - May 18, 2015
  • Israel US mHealthSummit (New York) - December 12, 20114
  • FireRock MidCap Investor Conference (New York) - Oct 20-22, 2014
  • Israel to US mHealth and MedTech Venture Fair (Washington, DC) - Dec 9, 2013

Deal of the Week

Join Webinare with Levin Associates on fragmentation of Health Industry

The fragmented industry continues to attract private equity firms, who see great opportunities for building larger networks among local companies and agencies. Hospitals are looking to either purchase or partner with home-health companies and thereby extend their continuum of care into the post-acute segment, especially when the patient care focuses on seniors, pediatrics, or residents of rural communities. The second quarter of 2015 M&A activity slowed significantly what does this mean?

You will learn:
Who's buying what and how these deals are being financed.
What reimbursement changes are coming and what the 5 year picture looks like.
If now is a good time to buy or sell.
Will the market recover after the Q2 slowing.
The impact of the CMS plan to test concurrent coverage of hospice and curative care.
And much more.

This is your chance to ask our panel of experts your relevant questions.

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